To ensure an intimate atmosphere for everyone involved, tickets to Waking Life are limited. All tickets include free parking and access to the camping site.

  • First Release €120
    excluding €10 waste deposit
  • Second Release €135
    excluding €10 waste deposit
  • Third Release €150
    excluding €10 waste deposit
  • Shuttlebus
    from and to Lisboa, Porto and Madrid airport
  • Sleepy Tipi
    sleep in a comfortable and equipped tipi
  • Caravan / Campervan
    sleep in your camper vehicle

General info

To ensure an intimate atmosphere for everyone involved, tickets to Waking Life are limited. Each ticket is sold with an additional €10 waste deposit. Earn your waste deposit back by handing in your full (and recycled) bags of waste along with your waste deposit ticket.

Ticket personalisation

Ticket personalisation is possible up until March 1st. Any tickets that have not been personalised by this date will be refunded and put back on sale around April 1st. Remember that all tickets have to be personalised. This means that the name on each ticket will be checked without exception, and it will no longer be possible to enter with a ticket under someone else’s name. The only safe platform to re-sell and buy tickets is Ticketswap.


Waking Life aims to be an inclusive space, accessible to people in different geographical, economic and social situations. Subsidized tickets are one of the ways we promote that inclusiveness. These lower-priced tickets are meant for participants who couldn’t afford the regular tickets. We welcome your application to a subsidized ticket if you are in a difficult financial situation, being it by personal circumstance or the economic context of the country you live in (such as the one in Portugal). If you think this applies to you, you can apply for this ticket up until June 1st by submitting this form.


Hop on for a comfortable and more sustainable way to get to Waking Life. This year, shuttles will drive from Lisbon, Porto and Madrid airport to Crato on August 12th and 13th and return on August 17th and August 18th at various hours. Travel times are about 4 hours from Lisbon, 5 from Porto and 7 from Madrid. In case of questions, get in touch via

Sleepy Tipi

A limited amount of tipis are available, intended for those who won’t have the possibility to bring camping gear to Crato. Tipis will be up when the camping site opens on Wednesday August 12th and taken down on Tuesday August 18th at 12:00. Upon entering your tipi a deposit of €100 will have to be paid, which will be given back after leaving it in good condition.

Caravan / Campervan

Caravan / Campervan tickets have to be purchased by participants coming with a camper vehicle. There are two types of tickets: Camping Area and Parking Area. A Camping Area ticket gives you access to the camping site with your camper vehicle. The Parking Area ticket allows you to park your camper vehicle on the parking area, 10 minutes outside the Waking Life lands.


Kids between the age of 3 and 13 years old accompanied by at least one parent or guardian are granted free access to Waking Life. To keep up on how many youngsters are running around on site, parents or guardians will need to apply for this ticket as a subsidized ticket.

Weekend tickets

Weekend tickets are not available anymore. Waking Life is best served as an immersive week-long happening, where time takes a backseat to the experiences you will encounter and create.